Friday, June 15, 2007

More Family Love!

I recently visited my sister Monica and her family in Colorado Springs, CO and had a great time! Squishes # 136 - 141 are from the Leckeys, Monica and Brian, and their four children, Patrick, Brianna, Amber and Jessica. Thank you Leckeys for these special squishes!

My sister Toree from Phoenix, AZ sent Squish # 142. She is very crafty as evidenced by this special wish card. Thanks Toree!

It has been awhile...

Since I posted to this blog! We received Squish #135 from the Call Family in Chandler, AZ. Nancy, Brian and Baby Lily are dear friends of ours and we are blessed to share each others journeys. This is a special squish we will treasure!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Grandma Vela Goes to Town!

Let me take a moment here to share a little something about my Mother. I like to call her a "Gusher", as in gushes forth with love, praise and good thoughts. It is a very endearing quality and my sisters and I all can do a pretty good imitation of her saying "Mi hijita, this, that and the other" over any occasion. ;)

Her contributions to the baby quilt are no exception and she sent not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE beautiful squishes! Squishes #130 - 134 are from my Mom and Dad, Victoria and Patricio Vela in Glendale , AZ. Thank you for the memorable and loving contributions that will be cherished for generations to come.

More Squishes...

Squish #128 is from the Williams Family in Lexington, SC. This gorgeous floral print has such vivid beautiful colors - thank you!

My Winter Blossoms Secret Pal for April, Carol from Greenwich, NY sent Squish #129. This happy and colorful print is so yummy! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Family Love

My sister Letti from Evergreen, CO sent Squishes #126 and #127. The beautiful Disney Princess fabric is glittery and sparkles, and the Moral Vegetable print is just adorable! She also shared two very special creeds that she received as a teenager form one of her coaches. She will be a very special aunt to our child. Thank you Letti!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Family Love

My sister Diana and her family from Scottsdale, AZ sent Squish #125. This is a very special squish because the fabric comes from a nightie her two children wore when they were babies. The wish card says:

"Our wish for you is that throughout your life you always FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! This fabric taken from a nightie worn by your cousins, Joey and Danny. As it did for them, may it always keep you warm!"

I cried when she gave this to me. Thank you Cerrito family!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Family and Friends...

It has been a few weeks since I have posted but now is a great time because squishes from family and close friends have started to arrive!

Squishes #118 and #119 are from the Trebon family in Marietta, GA. Jenni is a dear friend who was my sorority sister at the University of Arizona. Roman is her darling husband and Hayden is their little baby boy that was just born in February. I think Hayden and our daughter may make a cute couple... who knows? ;) Thank you for the beautiful Purple Paisley fabric, adorable Baby Alphabet fabric and very sweet wishes!

Squishes #120 - #123 are from Sean and Jenifer Colligan and their children, Rachel, Aidan and Rory, they live in Parkville, MO. Sean is one of Dan's brothers. They were very generous and sent four wonderful squishes! Sean and Jenifer each sent one, and Rachel and Aidan made special ones too. We will treasure these forever! The fabrics feature a Blue Wave, Colorful Fiesta, Red and Pink Daisies and Pink and Green Leaf patterns. They will look beautiful in the quilt!

Squish #124 comes from Joe, Gretchen and Terry Colligan in Sneads Ferry, NC. Joe and Gretchen are Dan's parents and Terry is another one of Dan's brothers (he has 4). The Earth Tone Floral fabric is lovely and the wishes are very special. Gretchen is a published poet and created this custom poem that is so touching and beautiful. Terry also sent a kind wish about learning from, and teaching our baby. Thank you!

For My Adopted Chinese Grandchild

How far you have come to be with us

little one, the mountains, deserts and seas

you must have crossed. You will never

wear your new parents' eyes or don

any shade of their parents' skin,

that much is certain. But perched near

the small cage of your body our hearts

shall quicken yours with such sweet song.

- G. Colligan